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Chiwenga Talk

UUM ONLINE: The alleged practice of double standards in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is seen to have had an impact on Africa’s efforts at establishing peace and security on the continent.

The Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Dr. Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga, said that the UNSC's double standard attitude was very apparent particularly in taking action when addressing conflicts in Africa.

During the public lecture on this topic, he elaborated on the UNSC's practice of double standards in Africa’s efforts at promoting its culture and the contributions made by Africans to the development of Western civilization.

In addition, he also explained about the prevalent practice of safeguarding self-interests and his perception of a reformation in the UN as well as its implications for African peace.

He said that the impact of the UNSC's practice of 'double standards' had affected Africa's efforts to preserve national peace and security on the continent and that the role of the United Nations as a peacekeeping body could be seen to have strayed far from its core principles of safeguarding the security of a country in conflict.

"The practice of taking sides not only undermines the moral authority of some members of the Security Council, but also undermines the legitimacy and integrity of the entire Security Council, thereby causing disagreement among members. Thus, the UNSC needs to be renewed in order to maintain world peace and security.

"At the same time, African nations must also build national and regional capacity to enhance the strategy towards security and peace, not only to resolve conflicts, but also to foster unity among countries that are members of organisations and international institutions so as to avoid being used as pawns against one another by outside powers," he said in a public lecture entitled The Ethic of Double Standards in the UNSC and its Effects on Africa's Quest for Peace and Security: An African Scholarly View, at the SoIS Auditorium, recently.

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