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16 March 2018

UUMUN have organized a “Diplomatic Discourse 1.0: The US and Turkey Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. It was first UUMUN diplomatic outreach program that aim to expand the knowledge of student on diplomatic mission abroad, their role and functions and further network and collaboration between University’s students and foreign missions in Malaysia. The delegation consists of 35 students, headed by UUMUN advisor, Madam Nik Nor Suhaida Ali and P2P Koextremism Coordinator, Dr. Knocks Tapiwa Zengeni.

Our arrival was welcomed by Ms. Amalina, the Assistant Cultural Officer. A welcoming speech and briefing of the role of US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur was delivered by Ms. Sarah J. Talalay, the Officer of Cultural Affairs, followed by First Secretary of the US Embassy, Ms. Rachael Doherty of the US Embassy. “We are glad and happy to have you guys here back, and thank you for willing to visit us from the north’, said Ms. Doherty who was not a first time meeting with UUM’s students. She had first visited UUM and SoIS in November 2016 where she delivered her speech on combating extremism.

Further, Ms Amalina and Mrs. Azian explained the opportunities and scholarships by the US government, including YSEALI and Fulbright Scholarship. Ms Amalina encouraged students to join and become a member to YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leadership Inititatives). YSEALI is a signature program of leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia, seeks to build the leadership capabilities of the youth and nurture an ASEAN community of leaders to solve common issues. “I started here at Embassy on November last year, and happy to be able to speak and share with you guys with YSEALI”, she said. The briefing further delivered by Information Officer, Mr. Morgan O’Brian and Mr. Josh Taylor, Defence Secretary of US Embassy. The final session embarked with Q&A session, in which give opportunities to students to ask questions in wide range of issues including politics, economy and defence.

The program further visited the Turkey Embassy. Our delegation was welcomed by a speech by the Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Tokman Mert, who had brief about the Turkish role in international arena and diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Turkey. He emphasized the importance of Malaysia in Turkish economic relations and Malaysia as one of its important alliance and long term friend of Turkey. After finished the brief and Q&A session, our delegation visited other embassy departments, including consular department and political department visit the consular department and political department, as well as Ambassador Office. HE Ambassador, Dr. Safa Merve Kavakci invited our delegation to her office. A short warmth speech delivered by HE Dr. Safa to UUM’s delegation. “How lovely to see you group of students who passion about foreign policies, and I myself coming from teaching background in International Relations, happy to have you today”, HE Ambassador Dr Safa Merve Kavakci. Program’s end the meeting with the handover of the certificates to all delegates by HE Ambassador Dr. Safa Merve Kavakci and finished at 4.00 pm.

“It was our benchmark for the UUMUN program, and we hope that, this program will strengthen our networks and collaboration with embassies and foreign missions in Malaysia”, Madam Nik Nor Suhaida Ali, Advisor of UUM Model of United Nations Association.

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