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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programme is offered by Full Research. However, students should have adequate research knowledge and skills as stipulated by the Academic Comittee. Students who do not possess these criteria are required to register and pass the following two (2) pre-requisite courses with at least a B grade before they continue with their research:

            a) SZRZ 6014  Research Methodology

            b) SCLE 6014  Academic Writing; and/or

            c) Any other courses as determined by the supervisor or Academic Committee.

To complete the Ph.D. programme, students are required to:

            1. Present their research work at colloquiums set by School of International Studies;

2. Present and defend their research proposal successfully;



Research Field

Specialization Offered

International Relations

 International Relations

 International Political Economy

 International Trade

 Southeast Asian History

Political Science

 Political Science

 Southeast Asian Politics

Nationhood Studies

 Nationhood Studies

Strategic Studies

 Strategic Studies

International Business

 International Business

 Cross-cultural Management

 Multinational Corporation

 International Management

 Export Management

 Sea Transportation

 International Logistics

 International Business Policy

 International Business Management Seminar

 International Mergers and Acquisitions

 Cargo Insurance

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