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Master in International Political Economy

Master in International Political Economy

List the subjects offered in the programme, and include their classification

No. Semester/Year Offered Name and Code of Course/Module Classification (Major/Minor/Elective/Audit) Credit Value
1 1 GFPP5194 Fundamentals of International Relations Major 4
GFPP5204 Theories of International Political Economy Major
GFPP5234 International Political Economy Major
GFPP5294 Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and Nation Major
2 GFPP5254 International Economic Institution and Policy Major
GFPP5064 Managerial Strategy and Approaches  Elective
GFPP5274 Political and Economic Risk Analysis Major
GFPP5264 International Trade and Services Major 
GFPP5344 Political Economy of Emerging Markets Major 
10  GFPP5354 Economic Diplomacy Elective 
11  GFPP5304 The Politics of Global Energy Elective
12  GFPP5324 International Environmental Issues Elective
13  GFPP5314 Political Economy of Development and Nation Building Elective
14  GFPP5334 Research Methodology (International Relations)  Major
15  GFPP6336 Master's Project Paper (Compulsory)  Major  6

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