To be a renowned centre of excellence in the fields of International Affairs and International Business in Asia.


To disseminate holistic knowledge based on the truth in the fields of International Affairs and Business; and to produce graduates who will contribute meaningfully and progressively towards the well-being of the national and global communities.

  • Respect, honour and love for humanity irrespective of race, religion and creed, and the whole creation.
  • Merging and harmonizing the needs, demands and aspirations of the individual, the nation and the global society.
  • Accepting the fundamentals of permanency and change and striving to achieve a balance between the two.
  • Coupling development with morality and ethics.
  • Striving for optimum development of the individual while producing excellent human capital based on the ideas of integrated nature of knowledge, critical and creative thinking.

1. To provide education which enhances the ability of students to think critically, to be creative and innovative to possess life-long skills of learning.

2. To produce graduates who possess competent skills, knowledge and ability to compete at a global level.

3. To promote and provide education which instils the principles of morality, ethics and the ability to embrace diversity.

4. To encourage innovative research and publications.


In shaping the vision of Universiti Utara Malaysia as the Eminent Management University, we at SoIS with full determination and resolve, vow to fulfill the rights of our clients as follows:

For the students

  • To provide quality education with state-of-the-art technologies in order to fortify self-respect by integrating eastern culture with the values of globalization.

For the staff

  • To ensure equal treatment in education services to all individuals without regard to race, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin, political affiliation or belief or marital status.
  • To strive to provide quality, efficient and responsive services to our customers.
  • To instil students with strong moral and ethical values in law, public administration, international studies and tourism and hospitality.

For the nation

  • To foster a heightened sense of patriotism among local citizens to enable them to become knowledgeable, ethical and motivated workforce for the development of the nation.

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