Asian Institute of
International Affais and Diplomacy

School of International Studies (SOIS)

A leading centre of excellence dedicated to foster and institutionalize outstanding research culture and scholarship activity  

To be a research centre capable of discovering and advancing knowledge, disseminating research findings, and enhancing partnership and collaboration with various stakeholders     

In Pursuit of Knowledge, Truth and Excellence   

The AIIAD is actively involved in scholarly research and collaborative policy-making projects on wide-ranging disciplines of international affairs, diplomacy and international business. Its team of researchers have published their academic and research-based works in numerous reputable academic journals and publishers. Commentary on local and regional issues written by AIIAD researchers also appeared regularly in online and mainstream news media outlets. The Centre also organizes talks, webinars, and dialogues which are designed to serve as a platform for fostering scholarly discussions and idea-sharing among academicians, policy-makers, business communities and the general public.


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Asian Institute of International Affairs and Diplomacy (AIIAD)

School of International Studies (SoIS)

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

06010 UUM Sintok,

Kedah, Malaysia